Sin City

October 22, 2014 update: I saw Sin City 2 earlier this year. A full review will follow shortly. Worth the wait though. Both films are solid comic-book graphic novel adaptations but the best? Hmm. This entry was posted on a MSN Space blog before I defected to the East moved to LiveJournal.

I saw the above movie at FACT the other night and it’s excellent. The best comic-book adaptation ever ever ever in one of the best sound/vision locations! I won’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Oh, and go and see in it in a cinema with a half-decent THX-approved sound system for God’s sake. It’s only got loads of sound effects coming at you from all angles at certain points….

While I was there, I discovered that the seats in Screen 2 recline if you push back on them. I’m only been in there about, ooooh, 10 times before and I never knew this. They go back so far you’re almost horizontal, which would be quite useful if the film turned out to be rather dull. Must be a nightmare for anyone sitting behind you though.

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