Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone!

October 20, 2014 update: From another green world a previous blog on LiveJournal. The full gory details of the disciplinary hearings that took place in 2010 can be read here. And everyone knows what a MILF is by now, don’t they….?

Think you had it bad at school? Take pity on those taught by William Johan Fabel. Almost all the 14-18 year olds he taught between 1997 and 2002 have complained, as have their parents. He’s up on multiple code of conduct violations, but here are the top 10:

  1. He taught students that the Holocaust was an exaggeration.
  2. He told classes that he had installed cameras under all the girls’ desks so he could look up their skirts.
  3. On occasion, his reply to students’ answers was, “That is not what your mother said last night.”
  4. He asked a shy, quiet male student, “Are you going to be a serial killer?”
  5. He told students that Hitler was a genius because of his ability to get all the people into concentration camps.
  6. At the beginning of a parent-teacher interview, he asked a mother of two students, “Who do you want to talk about first? Dumb or Dumber?”
  7. Shortly after the Columbine shootings, he pretended to be a gunman and had his students cower under their desks.
  8. He remarked to a student that their mother was a MILF. (Don’t know what MILF means? I’m not going to tell you but this site will….)
  9. He would provide male students with pointers for “how to get into girls’ pants”.
  10. He told students that black people are still slaves.

What on earth was he thinking?! Then again, with lessons this controversial, I’m sure none of his students fell asleep in class….

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