Surreal Experience #3

October 22, 2014 update: So much of what’s mentioned below has gone. ATI’s All-In-Wonder TV card was phased out years ago and Nebula Electronics’ DigiTV card survives via unofficial support only. And The Bill left our screens on 31 August 2010, but the link below now leads to a YouTube channel with full episodes! Taken from LiveJournal before my spleen exploded I left it.

My analogue TV card is on the blink at the moment (the digital one is working well thankfully) and lets out a noisy buzz instead of the sound you would expect from the televisual material concerned. What to do? Well, slap on the subtitles and stick on some instrumental music in the background….which is how I found myself watching some bone-crunching action in The Bill and listening to the ambient and sublime Cathedral Oceans III by John Foxx at the same time. Reminds me of the time I was studying Music & The Moving Image and the lecturer showed the title sequence to Emmerdale Farm but played some Deep Purple as an accompaniment. Now that was weird….

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