Half-decent solo Pink Floyd song shocker!

Pink Floyd’s solo discography isn’t exactly chock full of success now, is it? For every Amused To Death there’s a Radio KAOS and the success of Broken China is offset by the dismal Identity by Zee.

So, as I trawled through the veritable 17-CD smorgasbord that is the bootleg unofficial rarities compilation A Tree Full Of Secrets I reached the solo section with some trepidation. We’ll come back to David Gilmour’s “Blue Light” when we’ve recovered our strength, but this effort comes from none other than…. Nick Mason. That’s right. Nick Mason with Rick Fenn from 10cc. To help them out, they’ve got 2 singers. One has sung on many hit records…and the other is David Gilmour. (I thank you.)

So, without further ado, feast your eyes and ears on this….

And if you haven’t suffered heard enough, the 12″ mix is the inaugural track on the Time Warp Playlist! Just click on the square on the right-hand side to access….

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