Hudson Hawk

October 22, 2014 update: I recently caught it by accident whilst channel-hopping (the only way I intend to see it from now on) and it’s still awful. But Bruce does have plenty of clunkers to choose from…. This attempt to be Barry Norman is from the pre-Russian invasion version of LiveJournal again.

I remember seeing this film on video when it originally came out in the early ’90s, and thinking it was awful then. I saw Channel 5 (sorry, five) were showing it so I thought I’d watch for old times’ sake and see if the intervening years had somehow managed to improve it. And you know what? It’s still rubbish. Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello singing “How’d You Like To Swing On A Star?” while they pull off some heist, Andie MacDowell as a nun who shares a kiss with Brucie and – oh hang on, just in case you haven’t seen it…..


Danny Aiello disappears off a cliff trapped in a car that bursts into flames and explodes before slamming into the ground. So he must be dead, right? That’s right – dead. How could he escape that?  But he does. And how does he do it? Airbags. That’s right – airbags. So next time you’re in a car that’s plunging off a cliff, bursting into flames and exploding, just pray it has airbags, because they’ll save you from anything. Honest.

* MAJOR SPOILER ALERT OVER * so come out from behind the sofa or wherever you are.

Other participants in this unholy mess are James Coburn, Richard E. Grant, Sandra Bernhard and David Caruso, who plays a character called Kit-Kat. Nestle should sue.

Amazingly, some people actually like it. Amazingly (again), it’s got 5.7/10 on IMDb. Amazingly (yet again) it’s not in their Bottom 100 Movies, but at least it’s not this….

Sin City

October 22, 2014 update: I saw Sin City 2 earlier this year. A full review will follow shortly. Worth the wait though. Both films are solid comic-book graphic novel adaptations but the best? Hmm. This entry was posted on a MSN Space blog before I defected to the East moved to LiveJournal.

I saw the above movie at FACT the other night and it’s excellent. The best comic-book adaptation ever ever ever in one of the best sound/vision locations! I won’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Oh, and go and see in it in a cinema with a half-decent THX-approved sound system for God’s sake. It’s only got loads of sound effects coming at you from all angles at certain points….

While I was there, I discovered that the seats in Screen 2 recline if you push back on them. I’m only been in there about, ooooh, 10 times before and I never knew this. They go back so far you’re almost horizontal, which would be quite useful if the film turned out to be rather dull. Must be a nightmare for anyone sitting behind you though.

Telly – what a disappointment

October 22, 2014 update: Years ago, I used to have a blog on LiveJournal before common sense prevailed I decided to switch. Some of the more choice entries will be uploaded here for your reading pleasure. Here’s what I was thinking in April 2005. My opinion of Billie Piper is a bit more complimentary these days….

So here I was, thinking 2005 would be great – some old shows returning and some new ones to look forward to. Well, Nathan Barley was all hype and no trousers; the new, extended Look Around You thought it was more funny than it actually was – and don’t get me started on the new Doctor Who.

Well, do actually. The new version of the theme tune is rotten. Billie Piper should stick to what she does best (i.e. hang out with blokes old enough to be her dad and booze herself under the table on a daily basis). The TARDIS interior itself looks like an abandoned warehouse and takes the “bigger on the inside than it is on the outside” principle a bit too far….I’m going to come back to this later when I don’t feel like doing myself a mischief with my Tom Baker scarf.

…and I never did return to this one.